Class of 2020

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Elizabeth (Bizzy) Vinton

Hometown: Rochester, New York

School: Wharton School of Business

Concentration: Finance, Business Economics and Public Policy

Fun Fact! : Bizzy is a synchronized swimmer!

Aiden Reiter

Hometown : New Haven, Connecticut

School : Wharton School of Business and College of Arts and Sciences :

Huntsman Program in International Studies and Business

Fun Fact: Aiden has a twin!

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Lea Makhloufi

Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee

School: College of Arts and Sciences

Major: Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

Fun Fact! : Lea has three passports!

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Rhosean Asmah

Hometown: Lubbock, Texas

School: College of Arts and Sciences

Major: Linguistics

Fun Fact! : In 2016, Spotify told Rhosean that she was in the top 1% of Florence and the Machine listeners.

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THomas Woldermariam

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Olivia Crocker

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Ryan delgaudio

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Lucas Weiner