Ayrton Kessel

Born and raised in south central Pennsylvania, Ayrton Kessel is a sophomore, systems engineer seeking your support in his bid for the Undergraduate Assembly. From a young age, Ayrton was taught that the most fulfilling achievement in life is to serve and help others. During his tenure at Penn, Ayrton has brought this mindset to everything he does. Whether it's building a water pipe system in a small Rwandan town or securing donations for Penn Electric Racing, Ayrton has always put the people and his team first. That is why he's turning his attention to the Undergraduate Assembly, to fight on behalf of every engineer. For far too long, the School of Engineering and Applied Science has been taken for granted by this University. Over the past four years, the allocation of all funds by Penn's administration to the School of Engineering has dropped almost eight million dollars; yet Wharton's funding has increased nearly 33 million dollars! Why are we so second rate? Why does Wharton get a brand new building, but Engineering can't even get a dedicated space for private studying? These are the types of straight-forward, no-bull questions Ayrton will bring to the UA. Will you join him?