Joseph Jordan

Fellow Engineers,

I’m Joseph Jordan, and I want to represent you on the Undergraduate Assembly. I’ve tried to stay involved on campus since I got here, and by now I feel like I’ve finally gotten to know Penn well enough to ably serve you on the UA!

I’m running to strengthen the sense of community in engineering and at Penn. As a university we have incredible school spirit, but it doesn’t always translate into a communal atmosphere, and coming to Penn can still be a very isolating experience.

This rings true for Penn engineers especially. For us, life can feel highly segregated by major. MEAM majors take MEAM classes, CBE majors take CBE classes and so on. As a result, it’s easy to feel disconnected from one another and from the university at large.

We can bring together both our school and our university. While making mental health treatment resources more accessible is important, the first step towards preventing mental health issues is fostering an environment that makes us all feel like we’re on the same team. Let’s face it, as engineers, we’re probably going to suffer anyway, but we can at least suffer together.

Sincerely, the People’s Candidate,