Perrin Bauder

Let’s bring SEAS some Southern Hospitality! I’m Perrin Bauder and as a Mississippian there’s one thing I’d like to bring from home that I believe SEAS could benefit from the most, and that’s a greater sense of community. As SEAS Representative, I plan to bring the undergraduate SEAS population exactly what we all want: better grades, more enjoyable classes, and a $100k starting offer from Google. Studies show that good rapport between students and professors leads to better academic performance and increased student interest in class, so I intend to better your relationships with your professors by: making better use of the “Take Your Professor to Lunch” initiative, giving professors an avenue to talk to students about their research through a yearly research fair event, and creating an office hour map of where and when office hours are held so that memorizing office hour times is a thing of the past! I also intend to hold workshops oriented towards interviewing better, developing stronger ‘soft-skills’, and deciding when and where to apply for internships with help from people who have held those internships before. SEAS needs some Southern Hospitality, so elect Perrin Bauder!