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Chris Cherian


I’m Chris Cherian, and I find things like the enormous water pool on Locust during the rain ridiculous. It’s a real problem, and it has an answer that should have been implemented a *long* time ago. This isn’t the only one - issues like the new GSR reservation page and overbooked CIS classes are things we should solve quickly - it’s just common sense.

Boiling it all down: Real problems require real solutions. Let’s go make them.


John Casey

From 2AM shutdowns to mental health to OCR, Wharton students know there are real problems in our community. For the past three semesters I have had the privilege to serve as an Associate Member to the Undergraduate Assembly. As an unelected member of the UA already, I know these issues and the bureaucracy behind them…. If elected to the UA, I would demand action from the administration, leveraging my position for tangible change. 

My freshman year, I ran for the UA. I lost that first time, but as an Associate Member, I have been delivering on the platform I promised back in 2017: actively working to address club recruitment while supporting initiatives ranging from mental health to OCR reform. Currently I am creating an online resource about clubs at Penn, and if elected Wharton Representative, I would continue that work while also seeking out new challenges to address. 

Having served on the UA, I know this isn’t like high school student government. We have the ability to address real issues and propose real solutions, but it takes time and experience to identify them. Don’t let anyone Flood your feed with non-issues and unrealistic solutions.