In addition to the University Council, the NEC also appoints undergraduates to University-Wide Committees and University Council Committees.

This fall, the NEC is running nomination processes for many committees. Look out for our application in early October 2019!

University Council Committees

The UC Committees are some of the most influential on campus.  They meet regularly throughout the semester and involve contact with top administrators, staff, and faculty on campus.

University-Wide Committees

The University-Wide Committees are independent of the University Council, and are run by the President, the Provost, the Trustees, and other parties on campus such as the Penn Sustainability Office and Student Health Services.  Positions on these committees are open to all undergraduates, of which there are usually one to three per committee.  The University-Wide Committees are your chance to enact specific change or to provide the undergraduate perspective on a specific issue on campus.

Current Representatives 

Trustee Committee on Local, National, and Global Engagement

  1. Dallas Taylor

Lindback Awards Committee 

  1. Catherine Qian

UC Committee on Academic and Related Affairs 

  1. Nardos Mecuria

Student Health Insurance Advisory Committee 

  1. Armaun Rouhi

Student Advisory Group for the Environment 

  1. Brandon Nguyen

  2. Nathan Pittenger

Residential Services Advisory Board 

  1. Larissa Klufas

UC Committee on Diversity and Equity 

  1. Michael John

  2. Zoe Walker

Social Responsibility Advisory Board 

  1. Michael John

UC Committee on Campus and Community Life 

  1. Yonatan B Bendore

Provost Academic Planning and Budget Committee 

  1. N/A

UC Committee on Open Expression

  1. Dallas Taylor

  2. Ashley Ahn

UC Committee on Facilities and Campus Planning

  1. Zahra Elhanbaly