PSG Info Session

The Penn Student Government Info Session is a presentation by the branch heads of the Class Boards, NEC, SAC, SCUE, SPEC, and UA. To learn more about each branch and speak to PSG members one-on-one, come to the info session at 4 PM in Steinberg-Dietrich Hall 350 on August 30th, 2019.

The NEC is tasked with publicizing student government elections and ensuring voter education among the student body. Current voter education initiatives for New Student Elections include Midnight Breakfast & promotions at local businesses which can be earned by submitting a ballot. Midnight Breakfast recognizes the beginning of the voting period with free breakfast food, performances, and raffles. It will take place on September 15th from 10 PM - 12 AM in Bodek Lounge (Houston Hall).

Voter Education

The Vice Chair for Education chairs the Penn Student Government Steering Committee, which includes leaders from all 6 branches of Penn Student Government. Its members are as follows:

Class Board 2020: Karim El Sewedy (President;;

Class Board 2021: Lizzie Youshaei (President;

Class Board 2022: Sam Strickberger (President;

Nominations and Elections Committee: Olivia Crocker (Chair; and Suchy Kahlon (Vice Chair for Education;

Student Activities Council: Emily Su (Chair;

Student Committee on Undergraduate Education: Arman Ramezani (Chair External;;

Student Planning and Events Committee: Linda Ashmead (President;

Undergraduate Assembly : Natasha Menon (President; and Jude Dartey (Speaker;

PSG Steering

PSG Week

Penn Student Government Week is a week-long series of events sponsored by the six different branches of Penn Student Government. PSG Week will be moving to the fall this year, with events starting Monday, November 11th and ending Friday, November 15th. The purpose of PSG Week is to both foster interbranch collaboration and educate the student body about the activities of each student government branch. Previous event series have included coffee giveaways from SPEC, community conversations with the UA and SCUE, and PSG-wide philanthropy events.