Emily Su

Hi everyone! My name is Emily Su and I'm excited to be running for the UA Engineering Special Election. In this past year, I served as the Communications Director on the SAC branch of student government; I helped organize both of the SAC Activities Fairs and was involved in other smaller projects, such as simplifying the SAC guidelines and sitting on the decision board for Tangible Change, which helped enrich student experience with extracurricular activities.

If I am elected to the UA Engineering Chair, I plan to dedicate time towards bringing the engineering community's concerns to the decision-making table. For example, the study spaces in engineering can be improved and expanded to cater better to student needs. I enjoy working with people and listening to their suggestions, so I also plan to regularly survey other engineering students and collect more information about the ways in which the engineering school could be improved.

I look forward to advocating for your thoughts and ideas and implementing the changes that you would like to see.